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Friday, October 7, 2011

Oh, This week.

I desperately need a good 4 hours to watch Gone With The Wind and/or Sweet Home Alabama.

I got a new App for my iPhone that categorizes my schedule as it plans. I put in all my events and it shows me in graph form how I spend my time. Each day is planned out from 6 am to 12 am every single minute. Its how I keep my sanity. Then, the cheerleading program dumps additional workouts on me to fit somewhere in my schedule. On top of practices, games, morning runs, and social events and athletic chapels. But I really wanted

My roommate has been sick all weekend and in her search for comfy clothes destroyed her side of the room, and in my crazy week I was a mess too. We have room checks once every other week to make sure that the housekeepers can do their job, and they NEVER do them on Monday mornings. Except yesterday. So in the middle of a very rough day at work (where we thought we lost hoursss of my work), I get a text from her that says "Awesome. Room Checks on a Monday. We Failed." So now, we have to keep our room spotless for the next year or we will be fined $25 each time we do not pass.

I am also extremely hormonal, because we all know living with a bunch of girls will screw with your hormone levels. I have been going to the chiropractor several times a week, because of some cheerleading injuries, and he prescribed a few massages. Thank you Lord! Best prescription I've ever been given. So that is one good thing.

Theta Pi is going well. We are taking two officer candidates on a weekend retreat to see how things go. And my Top Belle is using a few of us for a fun photo shoot for a new magazine. We are really excited to see where the next month takes Theta Pi, but we can tell everything is just falling into place.

One thing worth noting in this week is that, this cold weather (ok, so its only 69'F but to us in Florida thats cold) is making me lonely. I have long since held the theory that the fall breeds relationships because everyone just wants to cuddle. So while I don't want something serious, I just want someone to hold my hand every once in awhile after a CRAZY week like this one.

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  1. ditto on the hormonal. ditto on the hand holding. ditto on the massages.