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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Life Update

I am so behind on craft posts and there will be a cooking one soon, because I just went to a jewelry party and got some great appetizer recipes.

But my life right now is on high speed. This morning, Top Belle and I had a meeting with the Student Body Leadership Pres and VP. We have decided instead of starting our own organization, we will be chartering a national chapter (our top picks are DG, Chi O, and Pi Phi). Just as exciting, some guys want to charter a national fraternity!! This is more than we hoped for and our dreams realized. Top Belle and I have been so productive today and literally bouncing off the walls. We are so excited at the chance to really build our school and leave a legacy here that could extend into the future indefinitely.

Cheerleading is quite the adventure right now. We are doing a dance for Midnight Madness which is a lot more gangsta than I am. Which is not at all. lol.

I changed one of my ministry classes (yes, I am an English major, but I am taking a few ministry classes) into an independent study course and I am so excited because I will read books on my own and then discuss them over lunch with the prof. He has so much wisdom and I can't wait!

I also found out, that in addition to going to Kenya this summer on a missions trip, I will be going on a missions trip with the Cheer Squad to El Salvador over spring break. I am so excited that the Lord has seen fit to give me not one but two great ministry opportunities. I also found out my parents are taking me to Boone, North Carolina for New Years. I am so blessed. That's all I can think. The privilege of going to Kenya has been overwhelming but now I have even more to be thankful for. I've been dying to go out of the country for years.

I don't know if I mentioned this, but I have been totally blessed with a great job this semester. I am working as the assistant to the Alumni Relations Director. I love love love my job. I've never understood how you can love your job until I got this one. I get to write articles for the publications, photography, graphic design, and the real gem, archiving and looking through all the school's old pictures.

So much more to say, but it finally got cold outside and Top Belle wants to watch The Notebook.

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  1. Sounds like life is going great... glad to hear :) I look forward to your future posts.