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Monday, October 24, 2011

Greek Life Council

We have decided to develop a "Greek Life Council" until such a time as a panhellenic can be founded after we have started to charter several organizations.

Top Belle and I have been meeting with people nonstop lately, and squeezing in a few hours a week for our radio show. We have established the president of the first chartered fraternity, whatever it may be (although everyone's fingers are crossed for KA) and then met today with a legacy who will step into the role as VP. He's a great addition to our core team. He is attractive and charismatic, organized and passionate.

We also found our Greek Life Coordinator, who will work with the different organizations as they come for campus visits. He's a South Carolina gent who graduated last year and now works in the enrollment office here on campus. He's also a vet of the marines and super passionate about what we are trying to do (and excited to be the house dad when we are chartered next year).

Top Belle and the girls and I have changed our top 5 preferences for the mutual selection process. Alpha Delta Pi is now our top choice; they were the first, so why not be the first on our campus? They also line up well with our values and our school's (my aunt and cousin are ADPi's at Mizzou). After ADPi, I think we still like Delta Gamma a lot and Pi Beta Phi or Gamma Phi Beta and then Chi Omega. I think I personally would choose ADPi, DG, and Pi Phi.

So, things are moving quickly and well. We have our first breakfast meeting as a complete council on Wednesday morning with a few other belles and gents and our Student Body Leadership Council President and VP (although we think that the VP will be pledging). Top Belle and I are coordinating an event for the GLC (Greek Life Council) we're calling "Southern Social Luncheon." We are all going to go out on Saturday for a late lunch at a home-cooking restaurant and have fun with everyone on the council.

Speaking of Saturday, our basketball season kicks off Saturday night, and Lord willing that I learn all the cheers between now and then, I will be on the sidelines for the first time as a College Cheerleader. The 13-year-old me deep inside somewhere could not be more excited. We also have our Midnight Madness pep rally tomorrow night where we are doing a blacklight thriller dance and then a dubstep/hip-hop routine. All I can say is I am whiter than I thought. lol.

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