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I am a South Carolinian who was raised classic, conservative, Christian, and proud. These are my exploits as I attempt to bring Greek Life and Southern Charm to Southeastern University. I love Autumn, Lilly Pulitzer, Sweet Tea, French cooking, Monograms, Gardenias, Pearls, Sailing, and Turquoise.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little White Dress

I have been shopping for a white dress for Pref Day. Theta Pi Prez found a super adorable one the other day that is one shoulder and then our Financial VP has several white Lilly dresses just hanging in her closet on a regular rotation, although I am sure she will use the excuse to buy a new one. 

So, needless to day, my search for the perfect one is becoming quite a task. It has to have straps to apply to campus dress code and should be somewhat casual since this is Florida afterall. In an effort to avoid my first ecology assignment, here are my favorites so far...

This dress is from Banana's Mad Men Collection, which if you haven't explored, you definately should!

This one is wayyy to casual but its cute just the same. 

Calvin Klein often finds the way to my heart with their clean lines and simplicity

And this Ralph Lauren Classic

Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Week and Soon to be...

It feels like it has been months since I've blogged. I moved back on campus and had to participate in all the "Welcome Week" activities because my roomie is an RA. The following is a list of my observations and/or opinions about the year thus far:

1. The freshman boys have way more confidence and boldness than is healthy, deserved, or has been existant in previous classes- So much so that I have been wearing my right-hand ring as an engagement ring.

2. Just because the dress code now allows facial piercings, doesn't mean you should get one.

3. Leggings instead of pants is a privilage not a right, and your rights should be revoked if you don't know what the campus gym looks like.

4. Can someone explain to me why when the sun goes down all the weird musical kid come out and start singing and playing guitar in the streets?

My update on Theta Pi: We got the go ahead from the Director of Student Life and now have to pass it through student senate. So, our only real worry is that the GDI's will think it is too exclusive and be unsupportive. We have more and more girls finding out about it and asking us when recruitment starts, so we care so excited that we are gaining interest.

I after much deliberation decided to try out for the competitive cheerleading squad. I haven't cheered in almost 3 years now, but when my theatrical dance performance class was cancelled (saddest moment of my summer!), I decided I had to move on to something else. My roommate is a cheerleader and I had been to tryouts my freshman year and walked away because I wasn't a big fan of the leadership. This brings me to my next thing....

I have declared this the year of things I do not want to do. In my unattached state, seeing the end of college career looming in my future, I realize I will never again be in a place to do so many things. It is also time to get over my fears of a lot of things. So things I have done or will do that I don't want to this year:

1. Get up before 7 am every day (I have 7:35 am or 8 am classes with the same hilarious prof everyday)
2. Climb tall things like towers and buildings (my friends love to do this)
3. Tryouts/Auditions- I hate them! They make me a bumbling idiot.
4. Spend  a lot more time with my girl friends
5. Wait to see a guy who knows what it means to be Lavaliered (a virtually impossible task here)
6. Go to a place alone that makes me really uncomfortable because I don't know anyone (I am taking a women's Bible study class with women who are all my mom's age)
7. Run, Run, Run, Run (my goal is the Disney Princess Half Marathon)

. . .  There are more to come I am sure.

I have to go start working on recruitment stuff, because we should be passed by the student senate this week! Keep your fingers crossed!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A tribute to the style Goddess Divine...

A tribute to the style Goddess Divine...

Audrey Hepburn! and her love of boatneck dresses and tops.

I absolutely love the lines of boatneck tops and dresses. They looks so feminine and sophisticated and are often very slimming. The absolute best example of someone who sported boatnecks (and everything else) oh-so-well is Ms. Hepburn. Here are a few examples of her pulled from the style archives . . .

Completely gorgeous right? And don't we all wish we looked that thin all the time! This whole need for a tribute came about from seeing some cute things while scouring Lilly's site. So, in order of least favorite to I NEED TO OWN THAT!? here they are. . .

Classic Cotton Boatneck Stripped Shirt
French Connection
Aiden Maddox, Jacquard, and Jacquard
Eryn Dress is somewhat what I imagine my bridesmaids dresses will look like.
This is the same Eryn style, but in a fabulous navy stripe.
Chorus Girl Dress- I love it and really the boatneck I liked the most, 
after this, its just things I love from Lilly right now
Jodi Sweater is sooo presh! It is perfect for running errands, going to class 
or a day on the boat. Its all about how you style it. 

I'm getting ready for school, so of course getting distracted on Lilly's site is so appealing. lol. I've been putting off packing for so long and 90's Mom finally told me she couldn't take it anymore and I had to do something about all of my stuff everywhere! So I finally started today and I decided I had to limit myself to only one box of things besides clothes and food/dishes. I always take wayyy too many books.

 So I'm almost all done and trying to make decision about how I'm decorating. My brilliant idea of the day? I am hanging two ribbons several yards long above my desk and then using mini-clothespins clipping vintage postcards (My faves are S.C. ones) and pictures on them. 

So many changes on campus are happening. They are loosening up on some of the very, very conservative rules, so lets keep our fingers crossed that this means Theta Beta Pi has a real chance! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

What I'm lovinggg!

Sorority Paddles!

I can't wait to get to be a part of this tradition. We decided that we would do upperclassmen recruitment this fall and then in the spring allow freshman to pledge, so we could initiate a Big/Little program.

So, in my extensive research, I found these super adorable paddles on Etsy

How did you decorate your paddles?

Style Alert: Anchored Style

This fabulous company is based out of Largo, Florida, Anchored Style. (The president actually knows my favorite prof from their college days, small world right?) Here are some of my fave things from them:

Top of my list is the Sailcloth Bag, which are sewn by a real sailor once
 ordered with your choice of pattern inside.

And this shirt which comes in both men's and women's

I love love love this long-sleeved tee that spells style in Signal Flags

What do you love from Anchored Style?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Theta Beta Pi

"The Bridemaid's Club"

I go to a Christian University of several thousand students. One thing that a few of my friends and I have always lamented is the lack of Greek organizations on campus. One reason we don't have them is the administration's adversity to secular things, so we couldn't just get a charter to an already existing sorority. So I am proud to announce that the 2011-2012 school year is the first active year of "Theta Beta Pi."

We chose Theta Beta Pi because it fits our motto "We didn't come to college to find our husbands, we came to find our bridesmaids" thus, The Bridesmaids Club or TBC... ƟBπ

We are working through academic standards, philanthropy, dues, colors (tentatively navy blue and coral or pink), symbols (seahorse?), bi-laws, and our traditions and such that will all be established this year.

So wish us luck! Any suggestions or things you love about your sorority would be appreciated!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Impromptu Viewing Party

I woke up this morning and decided to try and get my group of friends from middle school and high school together (We all went to the same private school although I moved away for our last two years). I was thinking that Starbucks would be a good start but as the number of RSVP's grew, that didn't seem like a viable option anymore. So, like any good southern girl, I offered my house and someone suggested a documentary that he'd been wanting us all to see. So I started brewing a batch of sweet tea and went to the store.

So here is my game plan (I'm blogging while I'm waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven).

Sweet Tea, a few different 2-liters of Soda
Sugar cookies
various sprinkles in their own glass dishes
cut up berries
oreos (at a friend's request)
cute turquoise and white patterned table cloth
yellow plates, napkins, and pitcher for tea
Clear plastic cups
bright color straws

Everything is on the table in various size and shape clear glass with a few white dishes.

I brought some extra chairs in the living room, cleaned up the house, and sent my parents out on a date. lol. Tonight should be a fun walk down memory lane and I will get a picture up of my completed party table :).  What are your favorite party tips when last minute festivities come up?

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

PreppyLane Giveaway

One of the wonderful Blogs I follow, PreppyLane, has paired up with a great etsy.com store called TheSouthernBaby. Some of my faves from SouthernBaby:

So, wander over to PreppyLane, and find out how you can win a wonderful piece from TheSouthernBaby.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sail La Vie

Pastor (my daddy) just got a boat. I drove with him for several hours to pick it up a few weeks ago. My father says that "The only real boats are sailboats." I told him, "I don't care what it is, as long as it has somewhere I can layout and get sun." I love the feeling of the wind and being out in the ocean, its great, I just love it the most when I'm getting nice and bronze. And warm! Laying in the sun and just soaking in all those vitamins and feeling its power (after carefully applied sunblock of course!) is unlike any other feeling in the world.

So this blog is all about things that are essential for a day on the boat with Pastor. I think he's naming it "Sail la Vie"

  What I'm Wearing:
1) Land's End Bandeau Swimsuit- I loveee the floral print on this suit
2) Oversized Men's Polo Sweater- when I'm sitting on the bow in the wind, I love having a big sweater to cuddle into
3) Rayban ClubMasters- Who doesn't love this classic, preppy staple?!
4) Lilly Pulitzer Sunglasses strap in Floaters [my pattern of choice]
5) The sailing must-have- Sperry Topsider Bluefish 2-eye. I simply adore the seersucker and dark brown leather!

What's In My Bag?
1) Vineyard Vines Tote- I love this one with the nautical signal flags on top!
2) A monogrammed beach towel of course- I use a diamond monogram
3) Jocalat Lara Bars- Chocolate mint is my favorite
4) San Pelligrino Aranciata- Think virgin mimosa. Refreshing and light. I fell in love with them last summer and we've been enjoying an affair to remember ever since.
5) Lilly Pulitzer Koozie to put your SanPel in- southern staple and it comes in my pattern
6) Clinique SPF 25 Spray- A predisposition to skin cancer runs in my family
7) Something to read- A twist on Pride & Prejudice is my next choice.

I don't take an iPod because I love listening to the sounds- the waves, wind, seagulls. I love it all.

Coming soon... New Lilly Collection Items I love! and a tribute to Audrey with Boatneck dresses