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I am a South Carolinian who was raised classic, conservative, Christian, and proud. These are my exploits as I attempt to bring Greek Life and Southern Charm to Southeastern University. I love Autumn, Lilly Pulitzer, Sweet Tea, French cooking, Monograms, Gardenias, Pearls, Sailing, and Turquoise.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jewel Kade

So I went to this jewelry party that my pastor's wife held the other night and I had already looked through the catalog quite a bit. One thing that I absolutely loved was actually a hostess gift. It was a plate bracelet that had a been on it, but now, with things going the way they are with getting a charter, that suddenly isn't as important to me. Anyways, a lot of the jewelry is big and not always something I would wear, but some of it is. I love a pearl bundle necklace they have.

They have some great stuff including some ah-dorable stamped tags that they have license to put the greek letters on.

Ever the Southern Hostess, she had a great spread out including a huge batch of sweet tea (she is known for having the best around down here). She also had some great chocolate chip cookies, brownies bites with Hershey's squares pushed into the top, pesto and cream cheese spread on bread and toasted with shredded parm sprinkled on top, a veggie platter, and this delicious cream cheese dip. It has cream cheese, chocolate chips, and something else I can't quite place my finger on yet (I would add some cinnamon) and its served with vanilla wafers and honey graham squares. It sooo delish.

Top Belle and I are looking at having our own JewelKade Party. Any suggestions on snacks we should have? We are looking for some great recipes (which I will repost with your permission too).

Happy Thursday Y'all! (Its almost game day!!)


  1. I have heard of these Cheeseballs that it sounds like the same ingredients you mentioned above that you eat with graham crackers. I haven't had it myself but I am dying to try!!

    That jewelry looks adorable and vintage. Never heard of it before. I have heard of Premier Jewelry which I am actually going to one of the parties in a couple weeks!!

  2. Oh my word, the food sounds so good. I hope you had a fun time and ordered some fun things :)

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com

  3. cupcakes. Sugar-free cupcakes. belles look after their figure you know

  4. My mother swears by cucumber sandwiches - easy to make, bit size, crisp, no mess and tasty. Or top those little garlic toasts with...well anything you like really. Those are super yummy! Have a great time at your party - the jewlery is adorable!

  5. That food sounds delicious! It sounds like a fun party!

  6. What a fun sounding party! The jewelry is so cute. Cake pops are great party snack foods, and super yummy too :) check out my blog for more great preppy fashion and lifestyle!