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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Wedding Dreams

I, like many of you, are obsessed with weddings. My best friend has been dating a guy for several years now and I absolutely cannot wait to help her start planning her wedding (Those who can't find a man to get married, plan for those who can. Right?) Roommate is under strict instructions to tell me I hate pink when I get married, because for whatever reason everyone decides its their favorite color when they get married. I love love love the idea of navy and coral. So here are some of my favorite things that are trending in weddings right now.

I absolutely adore plantation weddings. This night-time one is a great idea too with the lighted shrubs. 

Fun hanging backgrounds for outdoor weddings are popular and I love this one!

 The Wedding World is just mad for peonies right now and I couldn't be happier!

This bridal bouquet is stunning.

I love this cake topper but I would do without the chocolate fondant. 

Who wouldn't want to be a guest at a wedding with these groomsmen?

 I really love both of these groomsmen ideas, but more coral than pink

Well thats all for today, I could look at wedding things for hours, so I am choosing to walk away. Going shopping with 90's mom and enjoying the last few weeks of summer at home.

Happy Saturday!!


  1. I love everything wedding too! It's so much fun to plan one!

  2. I am into weddings lately, and even did a post about it earlier last week or so! I love the idea of navy, and definitely want to have it be the main color with either yellow or coral as accent colors.

    I'm new to blogging and would love for you to stop by! http://carolinaonmymind1223.blogspot.com/

  3. Love those color combos! So cute, and I think it's says timeless with an edge. A good edge that is!

  4. I love weddings as well! I also love navy or a deep purple but I agree with no pink! I also love plantation weddings. Both of my bestfriends have been in relationships for many years as well so I am plotting with them about their weddings. I love the idea of timeless classic weddings since these memories need to last forever! Hope you had a great day shopping!