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I am a South Carolinian who was raised classic, conservative, Christian, and proud. These are my exploits as I attempt to bring Greek Life and Southern Charm to Southeastern University. I love Autumn, Lilly Pulitzer, Sweet Tea, French cooking, Monograms, Gardenias, Pearls, Sailing, and Turquoise.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Rest of Our Lives

"This is the beginning of the rest of your lives!" Hollie and I, both wearing sundresses, wedges, and pearls, we were definitely feeling the weight of those words. It seems like as soon as your junior year of college hits, everyone is getting married. This wedding marked the beginning of many weddings over the next few years. On the bright side, There will be lots of new guys at these weddings. ;)

But, he wasn't talking to us. The pastor said that to my lovely suitemate from my freshman year and her [now] husband. Their wedding was absolutely beautiful and I have never seen "Tish" look more feminine and glowing. The pink and brown color scheme was expected but understated and perfect for a very young couple.

After the wedding, We decided to take a day trip to St. Armand's Circle. I discovered two loves on this trip. Our first stop was the Lilly store, which by the way is having amazing sales right now!

1) Macarons! 
I stopped in a shop that boasted French pastries (and being obsessed with all things French, I was quite excited). They had a huge case of Macarons, (not to be confused with Macaroons which are these weird coconut things my grandma likes) and the best way to describe them is fluffy cakes with a crisp outside and sandwiching a filling of some kind. I picked out a box of 6, which cost me about $10 and was beyond worth it. Of the ones I tried, Black Madagascar Vanilla Bean, Basil White Chocolate, and Mint were my favorites.

2) The Sarasota Yacht Club 
It is so cute! Right on the water on the way into Bird Key and St. Armand's. The building is white and classic, with a beautiful deck and signals waving in the wind. I want to get married there; its so perfect. If I lived in Sarasota, we would have to be members. 

Tomorrow, I start my dorm room decor. Every summer since my freshman year, I have been sewing pillows and such during the summer to re-do my room in the fall. I always use my navy blue comforter as a starting point. This year I am letting Lilly inspire me and I am doing pink and lime. 

I am doing 2 big pillows: one in pink gingham and one in lime polka dots, and then a smaller throw pillow in three panes. The two outside are a pink floral and then the middle panel is white with my diamond monogram in pink. I am also making a white table cloth with a small bunch of embroidered pink flowers for my end-table. I also bought a few mason jars and now I need to find the perfect pink ribbon to tie around the mouths. I found a darling lime lampshade to go on a white spindle lamp. I still am on the lookout for a vase for my somewhat whimsical pink and white silk flower arrangement ( I love fresh flowers and they definitely brighten a room, but in college, if you can find the expensive and good quality silk ones, they can work too). I always work a few gardenias in there and some pink peonies and ranunculus this time. It will look something like this... 

 I can't wait to give pictures and there will be DIY tips coming soon about everything from choosing a color palette to sewing to floral arrangements! Sewing is tedious at times, but with a good movie and knowing that it makes the school year come faster, if you're excited for the fall like me, it is the perfect way to spend those free afternoons. 


  1. Welcome to the blogging world!! Your blog is adorable, I love it already!

  2. We have a vacation house at Siesta Key, and I love St. Armands :) Such a fun atmosphere and great shopping!

    xx Emily @ laughliveandshop.blogspot.com