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I am a South Carolinian who was raised classic, conservative, Christian, and proud. These are my exploits as I attempt to bring Greek Life and Southern Charm to Southeastern University. I love Autumn, Lilly Pulitzer, Sweet Tea, French cooking, Monograms, Gardenias, Pearls, Sailing, and Turquoise.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ribbon-Cutting Post

My first post of a new blog... And my mother is already upset at the name. She completely bypassed the Jane Austen play-on-words and freaked out about the word "prejudice." Really? I mean honestly, it's supposed to be cute. 

Another thing that bothers my mom is my shopping habits. I am somewhat of a nomad this summer traveling back and forth between the gulf-side of Florida (where my school is) and the Atlantic side (where my parents live). I have been crashing at a friend's house on the weekends and she decided to go to Universal today so I had to find something to do with my time. Next thing I know, I find myself walking around our slowly deteriorating mall. My one of my known talents is the ability to shop on a tiny amount of money and come out with so many new things. 

I found an adorable headband at Claires (identical to this one) and on Clearance for $3!

I wondered around looking for a new store a friend had mention I would love called Cotton You. When I found it, I fell in love. It is my new store for basics. They had cute, simple cotton skirts and dresses for around $15 and my big score was two scarves for $3 each. They aren't Lilly, but they are cute just the same, and you never know when a nice southern beau will ask you to go somewhere in his Jeep. ;)

I decided to give Old Navy a chance today and I paired these together:

On top tonight, I am going to add this blazer, which my local Gap clerk located at another store in my size and had shipped to my campus mailbox for me.

(I cannot wait until the Fall to wear dark skinny jeans with this blazer and my knee-high riding boots).

I also stole a silver and gold nautical-looking chain from my mom and completed the outfit with pearl studs and silver Gap sandals.

I spent the rest of my day dancing in the dance room (a very loose definition of the aerobics room) on campus and then sitting in the cafe until my ministry staff meeting and then our adventures to Tampa. I am proud to say that my toe bled today from my pointe shoes. I do believe that makes me officially a ballerina. 

Time to go plan our leadership retreat to Birmingham! We're visiting the Basement and I can't wait for all the sweet tea and southern accents. Mine is tired of being lonely and in hiding.

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