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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Puppies & Parents

I went for a run yesterday (I'm in training for 5k's leading into a half marathon in the winter) and decided to take my dad's Australian part Dingo/part something else with me, you know, safety from hood-figures and all that. Turns out, while she is great at going on walks without a leash and loves running through fields, she's not a big fan of running on a leash. At all!

I half-dragged her through two miles and then decided it wasn't worth it. Sooo... I think I need a good running dog. I'm not the golden retriever or lab type- I know they are prep (as mentioned int True Prep) but they just are too big and can shed too much for me.

So my top list of other possible running partners along with the names they would be given:

1) An English Springer-Spaniel (Lord Braxton aka "Braxie")
Originally hunting dogs, they are known as great family dogs and extremely energetic and need to be taken on a brisk walk regularly. Perfect! They were favorites of the Victorian-age British Royal family and aristocracy.

2) A Brittany Spaniel (Porter)
Originally French and known for hunting, particularly waterfowl, and is a good family dog if with the family since shortly after birth.

3) Chesapeake Bay Retriever (Lord Braxton aka "Braxie")
Known for being hunting dogs, but are commonly trained to be sporting dogs for activities such as jogging. And they have gorgeous blue eyes!


My mom and I were talking today, (we are really close) and she told me that I had basically been divorced twice because I had been so serious in two different relationships. My first thought was to completely disagree, but then I thought more about it and realized that in some ways she was right. I had given a whole lot of my heart to two different boys (not men, I assure you, although one seems to be now). Its sad that we "poor females" in the words of Elizabeth [the heroine in Pride and Prejudice], give so much of our hearts away and are often left with nothing to show for it, but to pick ourselves up and wait on the Good Lord to change our circumstances. 

Now I know that often times, it is our fault for moving outside of God's will, but is it possible that we aren't the ones doing the moving? It could be his fault, whoever he may be. Obviously, I'm speaking out of personal situations currently. lol. I just had to get that out. 

And while we are talking about parents, when do you draw the line between obeying and just respecting opinions? I am a senior in college and I want to know, does honoring my parents mean I have to do what they think is best or can honoring them mean respectfully making my own decisions. Because, it seems to be a blurred line by important people in my life lately. Parents aren't perfect and maybe, just maybe an adult needs to rely on their own understandings from the Holy Spirt to make decisions not just their parent's discernment. You have to make a choice one day to cling to your parents or a spouse, so does it start now? Or just when you get married? I would love to know.

Ok, rantings over. Thanks for putting up with it. 

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  1. Hi there Your blog is so cute! All of those dogs are so adorable. I want to get a black lab more than anything, but they shed like crazy!