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Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Week and Soon to be...

It feels like it has been months since I've blogged. I moved back on campus and had to participate in all the "Welcome Week" activities because my roomie is an RA. The following is a list of my observations and/or opinions about the year thus far:

1. The freshman boys have way more confidence and boldness than is healthy, deserved, or has been existant in previous classes- So much so that I have been wearing my right-hand ring as an engagement ring.

2. Just because the dress code now allows facial piercings, doesn't mean you should get one.

3. Leggings instead of pants is a privilage not a right, and your rights should be revoked if you don't know what the campus gym looks like.

4. Can someone explain to me why when the sun goes down all the weird musical kid come out and start singing and playing guitar in the streets?

My update on Theta Pi: We got the go ahead from the Director of Student Life and now have to pass it through student senate. So, our only real worry is that the GDI's will think it is too exclusive and be unsupportive. We have more and more girls finding out about it and asking us when recruitment starts, so we care so excited that we are gaining interest.

I after much deliberation decided to try out for the competitive cheerleading squad. I haven't cheered in almost 3 years now, but when my theatrical dance performance class was cancelled (saddest moment of my summer!), I decided I had to move on to something else. My roommate is a cheerleader and I had been to tryouts my freshman year and walked away because I wasn't a big fan of the leadership. This brings me to my next thing....

I have declared this the year of things I do not want to do. In my unattached state, seeing the end of college career looming in my future, I realize I will never again be in a place to do so many things. It is also time to get over my fears of a lot of things. So things I have done or will do that I don't want to this year:

1. Get up before 7 am every day (I have 7:35 am or 8 am classes with the same hilarious prof everyday)
2. Climb tall things like towers and buildings (my friends love to do this)
3. Tryouts/Auditions- I hate them! They make me a bumbling idiot.
4. Spend  a lot more time with my girl friends
5. Wait to see a guy who knows what it means to be Lavaliered (a virtually impossible task here)
6. Go to a place alone that makes me really uncomfortable because I don't know anyone (I am taking a women's Bible study class with women who are all my mom's age)
7. Run, Run, Run, Run (my goal is the Disney Princess Half Marathon)

. . .  There are more to come I am sure.

I have to go start working on recruitment stuff, because we should be passed by the student senate this week! Keep your fingers crossed!

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  1. It seems Bible Study's are always older women...what gives?! I did find that the women are super nice and I learned a lot from those in the group I was in earlier this year, and I'm sure you will enjoy yourself too! :)

    PS best of luck on try-out's and training for the Disney Princess 1/2...how fun!!! :)