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Friday, September 9, 2011

Its here! Footballl Season 2011!

Its here. Its finally here! I've been waiting all summer for this week.

Now, I attend a small-ish private college that is on the road to a football team. Its being discussed in planning sessions and has been expressed as a desire of a lot of people. But my heart belongs to Auburn. I wanted to go to Auburn, but my father vehemently opposed a big state school. I am a big fan, afterall I am a cheerleader, so I love being passionate about my team. On that note, AU changed their cheer uniforms this year and I LOVE them!

I get so much nonsense from everyone, even a prof the other day, about how Auburn has 2 mascots, we TP our own school, ect. and My response is often that a) "We just have a better history than _________" or b) "I'm sorry. Who is the reigning national champ? Oh, Yeah, That's us." Tradition means so much in the South and Auburn's traditions and history are the best in the SEC!

Football season in the south brings so many great things... here is a look at my game day picks for fabulous outfits and maybe a tailgating recipe or two that I love as well.

Ok, I can't wait to have a little belle to wear cute game day things like this dress!

Game day door wreathhhhh!

Dresses (these are all from Etsy.com)!

Judith March:

So let's say you found the perfect solid orange or navy dress. How do you sport your full colors? Accessories! Below are some of my top choices.

These Kate Spade bangles are perfect!

Check out this cute store devoted to your favorite day game accessories!

Game day food:

Use your grill and foil packets to have the best seafood during your tailgating!

I adore all things buffalo flavored, the spicier the better (as long as I have my sweet tea nearby!) and here are some delicious Buffalo Sliders perfect for tailgating

Happy Football Season!

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